Capturing wedding moments, hi-tech

The big fat Indian wedding industry, estimated at a whopping Rs 1,90,000 crore, is not just about flamboyant colours, elaborate rituals, food, revelry, and boisterous music. But weddings are increasingly going hi-tech and families are coming forward to get their wedding moments captured by hi-tech studios. Riding the growing demand, Hyderabad-based Villart Photography opened its photo studio in the city at East Point Colony.

“A lot has changed in the wedding photography sector in the past three to five years. People want the best of technology and effects and are willing to invest a lot more for wedding photography. In fact, we have covered three to four weddings in the city per year during the past three years,” said V.V. Ramana, the man behind Villart Photography.

Specialising in wedding photography, Ramana has been in this field since 1990. “At that time we used to shoot weddings with the film cameras worth Rs. 12,000. But today it is a different ball game altogether where capturing a wedding is equal to telling the story of the couple, their journey together in a creative manner. Even as this is done, we ensure that the true essence of the wedding tradition is not lost,” said Ramana at the inauguration of ‘The Studio Premises’. Today, he uses Hasselblad camera worth Rs. 40 lakh to shoot weddings.

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